Dismounted Modular EOD Backpack System

Dismounted Modular EOD Backpack System

Dismounted Modular EOD Backpack System Video:

The Lightweight Modular EOD Response Pack was designed and developed by a serving senior UK EOD Operator. Rigorous field testing in the Balkans, East and West Africa, Afghanistan and recently Iraq have ensured this product will meet “real time ” requirements of EOD teams deployed on hostile and demanding operations in harsh climatic conditions.

Designed for a typical two man EOD team, in a light scales role, it provides a significant sustainable capability, while minimizing weight and bulk. This allows the team to carry an EOD capability in addition to normal field equipment.

The product utilizes a two pack approach which enhances equipment sharing and also provides product segregation which is essential for equipment of an explosive nature (detonators and bulk charges). The modular design of the kit provides complete flexibility by allowing additional equipment and explosives to be carried.

The Pack adheres strictly to EOD doctrine and philosophy and provides capability in the following EOD operation phases:

            • Reconnaissance and survey
            • Search and location
            • Access
            • Identification and Diagnosis
            • Render Safe Procedures
            • Final Disposal

Additional equipment can be supplied to enhance capability for Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) threats.

Key features include the following items all designed for “real” world use by serving EOD operators.

            • Innovative Hook and line Kit
            • Advanced Metal detection
            • Takedown Mine Prodder with hand protection
            • Search Equipment
            • Explosive Tools
            • Modular Construction

The Response Pack can be utilized by Police and Military, EOD Immediate Response teams, Deployed Light Scale Operations and NGO De-miners/EOD teams.

The NIC Lightweight Modular EOD Response Pack will provide a much needed and vital capability when a heavy role kit is unsuitable or unavailable while simultaneously providing the EOD operator the ability and functionality to react to a full spectrum of EOD tasks, in a practical and significantly safer manner.

Reconnaissance & Survey

Light weight rubberised binoculars and waterproof note book allow for basic reconnaissance operations at a safe distance.

Search & Location

The lightweight backpack brings together all the essential items required during search and location. Lightweight LED head torch and intrinsically safe torches allow for safe, hands free illumination. The new NIC non magnetic takedown mine prodder is the first mine prodder to come with a collapsible hand guard, offering maximum protection for the operator, whilst taking up the minimum space in the back pack. A mine detector and two trip wire detectors are included, including the NIC night time laser trip wire detector. Once a safe route has been established, the back pack contains a range of markers that can be used in day & night time applications to clearly mark the safe route either to a device, or away from a danger zone.



Once a safe route has been established and marked out, it is necessary to gain access to the suspect device. The NIC lightweight modular EOD response pack is the first backpack system to include a set of light weight, non magnetic access tools. This includes high specification tools for cutting back extensive overgrowth, often a problem with areas that have been abandoned for sometime. NIC search equipment assists in viewing the device with minimum disturbance.


Identification & Diagnosis

It would be impossible, even for the most experienced EOD operator to recognize every type of ordnance. The NIC lightweight modular EOD response pack addresses this issue by including guides to identify explosive devices. Using the set of analysis tools, the device can be prepared for accurate identification. After successful identification, either the device can be dealt with, or the operator can return to a safe position to carry out further analysis from information gathered.


Render Safe Procedure & Neutralisation

NIC is a world authority on hook and line systems. The NIC lightweight modular EOD response pack is the first system in the world to utilise the innovative light weight hook and line system designed by NIC. This brings together the functionality of traditional hook and line, but at a fraction of the weight. The NIC lightweight modular EOD response pack also includes the new NIC multi fuse key system that can remove the fuse on most eastern block country systems.


Carrying System

The NIC lightweight Modular EOD response pack is contained in a single back pack. The pack accepts PLCE side pockets, and also contains a thigh pouch. The pack is available in olive drab for military applications, black for counter terrorist operations and bright orange for NGO groups who want to be clearly identified as non military. External marking systems allow for clear identification of pack contents, essential during air transportation. The marking system may be completely removed when deploying tactically. A fully waterproof bag is available as an optional extra, as are lockable restraining systems, for security purposes.


Final Disposal

The NIC lightweight modular EOD response pack utilises the world famous ultra light Vulcan disrupter system. This system packs down in a very small space and is a fraction of the weight of normal disrupter systems.

Protection & Medical Requirements

The NIC lightweight modular EOD response pack comes with ballistic eye protection, and a medical pack is available as an optional extra.

Explosive Requirements

NIC will recommend a list of suitable explosives for render safe procedures and neutralisation. This will be based on the application for which the pack is to be used. e.g I


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